A need exists in the Church today for every Christian to have more in depth training in Biblical fields of theological study. Various theologies swirl around the Church while it experiences attacks from neo-orthodoxy, liberalism, and naturalistic philosophies. Every Christian needs to be trained with an in depth understanding of the Word of God, in order to honor God according to who He is, and to defend the faith against errant ideas about God, Jesus Christ, and Scripture. It was with these thoughts in mind that In Christ Alone Bible College was created.

Since the need is so great for more in depth study of the Word of God, yet most people find themselves in situations where they cannot attend a traditional seminary, ICABC (In Christ Alone Bible College) was developed in order to offer such studies at a level, and with coursework, that every Christian can handle. The coursework is chosen as to not be overwhelming for Christians that work full time and have families. The goal of ICABC is to equip the people of God, yet not make this equipping burdensome. The idea is to provide as much opportunity to study the Christian faith* in a way that is informative, edifying, and useful, yet in a way that is possible for busy people.

Two degree options will be offered at ICABC. Those degree options are the Associate of Christian Studies (ACS), and the Bachelor of Ministry and Theology (BMin). The ACS degree is designed for anybody who desires to learn more regarding the Biblical faith. The BMin is designed for those who desire to be in the Pastoral Ministry, although all will be allowed to enroll in the program.


Three lecture classes are offered every semester, with an additional one day seminar being offered relating to the classes of that semester. Students in the ACS program will only be required to take the three lecture classes and seminar each semester, along with the summer reading classes. Students in the BMin will also have one independent reading class per semester. The BMin will also require a small thesis project (25 pages) which will include an oral presentation. In addition, some credits for public teaching and ministry will be required (see degree requirements)

**Summer reading courses (non-lecture) are required for students of of both degree options. Reading will be required in topics including, but not limited to, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, and Apologetics. Short summaries will be required for the books read.





The classes will be structured so that the majority of the learning is done in the classroom. Classes will meet once a week for 16-18 weeks. Some reading and light homework will be required. These requirements will vary per class. The teachers are committed to remaining conscience of the course requirements for other classes so the students will not be overloaded with work.


The cost of the classes will be $25 per credit hour ($50 per class, except Greek and Hebrew which will be $75 per class). Each class will require the purchase of one text book at the student’s cost. People will be allowed to attend classes who do not desire to pursue a full degree as “Audit students.” This means the student will attend the classes only, and will do any coursework they desire, but will not submit coursework for grading. The cost to audit a class will be $10 per class.


ICABC is unaccredited at this point in time, however Whitefield Theological Seminary accepts the BMin program as an acceptable undergraduate degree. Students who complete a BMin with ICABC will be able to apply to go on for graduate studies with Whitefield.


* To understand the Theological perspective of those in the school, please see the statements of faith on the websites for the Evangelical Church of Fairport (ecfnet.org), and Glory to Glory (glory2glory.org).


Sunday - 10am

Wednesday - 7pm


640 Brooks Ave.

Rochester, NY 14619