In Christ Alone Bible College

Fall Semester, 2020

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to reopen the Bible College this fall. We will be re-offering the courses from last semester that were canceled. The classes are:

1. Biblical Theology with Mark Mills.
2. The Book of Genesis with Ken Beaton.
3. New Testament Survey with Tim Schaertel.
4. On Being a Pastor with Dan Vacco.

We will continue with the seminar intensive model. Expect an average of 12 hours of lectures from your teacher as well as 400-600 pages of reading with various other assignments. The teachers will work with the students on the amount of seminars to be held, according to what works best for each class. Some classes may have two 6-hour seminars, where others may have four 3-hour seminars. "On Being a Pastor" is an independent reading course that will meet once a month to discuss the reading. and will require two papers to be written.

Classes will officially begin in September, however the seminar dates will be finalized once students have registered.

Please register ASAP so the teachers can contact you and work out the detailed schedule. To register,  
please go to the About Us tab on our Home Page, and select Contact Us to send an email that includes:
 - name
 - email
 - cell number
 - the classes you would like to take
 - credit or audit (attend without any other work).

We look forward to studying in depth with you this fall.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Dan Vacco, M.A.
Associate Pastor of Glory to Glory Christian Fellowship
Director of In Christ Alone Bible College