In Christ Alone Bible College


A need exists in the Church today for every Christian to have more in depth training in Biblical fields of theological study. Various theologies swirl around the Church while it experiences attacks from neo-orthodoxy, liberalism, and naturalistic philosophies. Every Christian needs to be trained with an in depth understanding of the Word of God, in order to honor God according to who He is, and to defend the faith against errant ideas about God, Jesus Christ, and Scripture. It was with these thoughts in mind that In Christ Alone Bible College was created.

Since the need is so great for more in depth study of the Word of God, yet most people find themselves in situations where they cannot attend a traditional seminary, ICABC (In Christ Alone Bible College) was developed in order to offer such studies at a level, and with coursework, that every Christian can handle. The coursework is chosen as to not be overwhelming for Christians that work full time and have families. The goal of ICABC is to equip the people of God, yet not make this equipping burdensome. The idea is to provide as much opportunity to study the Christian faith* in a way that is informative, edifying, and useful, yet in a way that is possible for busy people.